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Last updated on: 02 Jun 2020

A happy mind leads to a healthy life!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for one and all. Many of us, and our loved ones, are going through emotional and psychological trauma due to health problems, loss of jobs, financial issues, stress, anxiety and uncertainty of the present and future, to name a few. At such a time, it is necessary to seek help from professionals who can listen, understand and guide us.

We are proud to inform you that during the ongoing pandemic, Ms. Carol Mathias, our Senior Student Counselor, licensed by the Community Development Authority (CDA), has volunteered her counseling services to Healing Minds, a mental health helpline in Dubai, which consists of a team of over 40 professional psychologists and counseling experts, under the aegis of Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The toll free number is: 800-64637 (800-MINDS) and free confidential counseling is provided over the phone in 20+ languages. Please do make use of this facility. More information can be found at: